The Horses Mirror

Your reflection through the horses’ eye.

Horse Guidance Weekend...

The Horses Mirror | Mallorca 8-11 November 2018
A long weekend in Mallorca in which you, the wisdow of horses and your next steps are the central themes

What are your intentions, since we are nearing the end of the year?  A more soulful way of living, more insight in your relationships, showing more leadership, of simply deciding on your next step in life. Whatever the intention you bring, new insights present an opportunity to consciously grow and change. As September announces a new season, it is a time to reflect and to determine the next steps.

Horse Mirroring
How does a horse respond to you, when you are in its environment? What do horses show you about yourself and your behaviour? In a natural, authentic way the horses mirror your behaviour. Unconscious patterns and blind spots will be revealed, so you will gain more insights about yourself.

We start with meditative exercises to make a deeper connection with ourselves. From this internal point of tranquillity we approach the horses.

During the sessions and (family) constellation with the horses we guide the internal processes in an intuitive fashion with a professional approach. Our common aim is to make you leave with practical tools that are directly applicable in your daily life. So you can achieve your goals.

Juiciness from the kitchen
Flavour, colour and scent. Your inner soul will also be fed. During the weekend we serve healthy vegan meals, with some Raw Food elements. Breakfast, lunch and dinner with snacks in between. The meals consist mainly of local produce.

What does the weekend offer?

  • Sessions horses through constellations and Guidance
  • Daily meditations and sharings
  • 3 healthy vegan meals per day, plus snacks and drinks
  • Individual energy balancing session


  • Individual 1-to-1 talk
  • Individual Guidance session with horses
  • Soulful Transformation massage

On the island of Mallorca you will find the ‘Universe Of Maluhia’ [Maluhia means Peace], a farm with Maroccon horses, dogs, cats and chicken. This special place is run with heart and soul by Mashanti and her team. The connection with nature and the horses are important elements and the reasons why we have chosen for this venue.

From 8 November till the 11 of November 2018.

We meet each other on Thursday 8th November at 15:00 at Mashanti’s farm. This first day we settle and enjoy a meal together.

During these days the program evolves around connecting with ourselves and with the horses. There will be enough time for you to digest the experiences and to enjoy the surroundings.

This weekend will be offered in Dutch, English and Spanish, depending on the language of the participants.

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