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The Colibri Circle

An initiative of three conscious professionals. We organize international and different themed workshops, retreats and private (coaching) sessions for women and men. Our goal is to support your personal growth, your path of transformation & self-empowerment. And all your steps in becoming more conscious. The colibri is a symbol of the heart. This bird flies straight to the essence to get the nectar out of the flowers. With this gentle and direct approach we host our events and private sessions.

Why do you do the things you do? What do you want to change?
‘Step into the Colibri Circle to ignite the change you wish to see in your life.’

Colibri Circle

All is inside

All the answers to life questions can be found inside ourselves, in our inner world. Through our Colibri Circle, we aim to guide you to this path inside. To (re)connect to your authentic self, your inner wisdom and true nature. What you may encounter can be revealing, surprising and inspire your steps into the ongoing path of transformation. We do our work with passion, with a pure approach. We bring nature and the senses of body, mind and spirit together.

The world is our playground

Like the Colibri we see opportunities everywhere and follow the trail of the nectar of life.  We organize workshops in a peaceful, luxurious environments all over the world. Some of the countries we work in are: Ibiza, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Bali, Suriname, Morocco, Zanzibar, India and Hawaii. Since the world is our playground, we enjoy to co-create our activities with like-minded teachers around the world.

Food for body, mind and soul

Through our activities we offer ways to help you stay longer in your vitality and happiness. What we eat is an important element. We consider food an integral part of healthy and balanced life. Our cuisine is plant based (vegan cooked with raw food elements), pure, colorful and full of flavours. Beautiful on the eye and full of taste.

The Story

Behind the name ...

The Colibri is one of the smallest and most colorful birds. It flies straight to the essence in order to get nectar out of flowers. It is the only bird that can fly backwards, straight up and can stay still while flying. Some species fly every year from South America to Canada and back home. The colibri is very sensitive. Whenever the energy does not feel harmonic it takes off. The colibri has the highest metabolism of all animals. At night when food is scarce, it slows down their metabolic rate just to conserve energy.

To protect its surrounding the colibri is very aggressive. The bird teaches us that it is ok to know and to protect your boundaries. To stand up for yourself. It also shows us that in life there are always new opportunities. Evolution goes forward, not backwards. The colibri is not scared of its journey and knows how to get everything out of life. Do you?

What we offer...

Colibri Circle offers retreats, workshops, coaching and training for women and men. In all our meetings, nature and healthy food are important. We will give the experience of a treat for body and soul. Our year calendar will show activities around the world, which stir the enthusiasm in our hearts as much as the colibri likes to levitate enjoying the nectar of the flowers.

Silence retreats

Join us for a week of decluttering the mind, relaxing the body and nourishing the soul. By taking a break from social-media and non-stop action. Let’s release our tensions and return home feeling refreshed and clear. We will enjoy walks in nature, meditate, do breathwork and dive into the teachings of who we are. We will offer you tools that will support you in silence.  The aim is to return home with more connection to ourselves.

The essence of being

The essence of Bali, the essence of being, the essence of YOU!
Bali has long been called “earthly paradise”. The Balinese people live, in harmony, grace and creativity. By wandering through this paradise we can see and feel the essence of Bali and during a 10 day retreat we will help you to connect to your essence too.

Conscious Lifestyle retreats

How do you manifest your wishes in your daily life? During the conscious lifestyle retreat we offer a beautiful week during which we create those tools that will suit your conscious lifestyle.


For women and men we offer specific workshops with the archetype of the gender. Like womb dialogues and men work. Furthermore we present general themes around life & death and dealing with daily (stressful) situations.

Nature retreats & workshops

Through looking at the mirror offered by Nature, we help and support you with your growth path.

Who are we...

Colibri Circle is an initiative of 3 kindred spirits; Wieneke, Stephen and Delores. They met each other on the soils of the Netherlands. What started as long-term friendship, grew into a heartfelt partnership.

“We wish to share our vision, skills and creativity with those who wish to look inside in order to discover the hidden gems in themselves. While releasing blocks and limitations.”

Each one of us brings our own specific talent and energy in the circle to create a safe and grounded setting for the participants. We have gone through our own processes of transformation and empowerment. This enables us to be trusted facilitators and guides during group and private sessions. You will be in good hands. Whether you participate in a workshop, retreat or a private session; so come and join us. In the Colibri Circle.

Stephen Ho Sam Sooi

Before consciously starting my spiritual path, I worked as a model and organized fashion shows and events in clubs. Beauty was very important. Through a spiritual teacher I became more aware of myself and I noticed that I did not know myself at all. That was the beginning of finding my inner beauty.

Delores Wielzen

Sprouted on Dutch grounds and blooming on Ibiza since 2013. On this Mediterranean playground my main activity is preparing plant based cuisine (vegan cooked & raw food) for retreats and private occasions. My professional background is Marketing Communications & Business Development.

Wieneke van der Wissel

My name is Wieneke, born and raised in the Netherlands.  Mother of a beautiful son Bodan. In all facets of life, I believe it is important to reflect on what drives oneself or what is holding one back. So one can recognize one’s own patterns and feel one’s resonance. My passion is….

Upcoming events...

Event:Horse Mirror
Date:November 2018
Event:inSilence Retreat
Date:May 2019


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